Powerful adult electric scooter: our selection!

From the all-terrain electric scooter to the electric scooter with saddle, to the approved electric scooter, there is something for every taste and every budget. In the adult electric scooter category, the powerful models are without a doubt the most efficient in terms of speed.

We present the models that have caught the most attention.

Our selection of powerful adult electric scooters

Dualtron 3 scooter

This is the upgraded version of another model (Dualtron 2) from the same manufacturer. So we understand why in some aspects the performance has been renewed. If the Dualtron 2 has seduced you, you will certainly appreciate this new version.

With the Dualtron 3, you get a total of 65 km / h of top speed on all types of circuits. With this look, fans of electric scooters will undoubtedly experience thrills. Its autonomy of 80 km is not to displease, especially when one is launched at full speed on the roads.

For an even more optimized driving, the model has been equipped with an LCD screen which controls among others the speed and automatic ignition of the machine. It also has a crutch, a robust platform and tubeless tires, etc.

Dualtron Thunder: a super-powerful adult scooter to discover!

The Dualtron Thunder is certainly one of the most powerful electric scooter models on the market today. The power of its engine (5,400 Watts) and its speed (85 km / h) are characteristics at least very interesting. With such references, one suspects that it is actually able to climb the slopes up to 35%.

In addition, this powerful adult electric scooter offers 100 km of autonomy and can support a maximum load of 120 kg. The platform is quite robust and the materials of quality. In full agglomeration or even periphery on rough ground, it lends itself to any use.

Equipped with Finger Print technology (optional), an LCD screen, tubeless tires, disc brakes front / rear, it is sufficiently trimmed to provide you with thrills.

Dualtron Ultra scooter

This model has a top speed estimated at 80 km / h. We are in the presence of a powerful adult electric scooter deserves to be interested a little closer.

The Dualtron Ultra is considered the most powerful model available for sale by the brand. This new version of the Dualtron electric scooter invites you to experience a whole new way of riding with a range of 120 km.

All in all, you get optimized driving with: two Brushless motors, an LCD screen, two controls to select the desired mode, a lithium-ion battery, magnetic disc brakes and front / rear LED lighting, 11 inch inflatable tires, etc.

Speedway mini 4 Pro

The Speedway mini 4 Pro is a powerful adult electric scooter model suitable for urban traffic. It provides great driving comfort because of its high quality manufacturing, and the efforts made by the builder level ergonomics.

Of all the other models available on the market, it is the most efficient with its 8-inch rubber wheels for better grip and integrated electric brake. In these conditions, you can ride safely, whatever your pace.

Regarding autonomy and speed, it's not less interesting. The Speedway mini 4 Pro electric scooter offers 40 km / h of top speed for a range of 40 km. It also offers three driving modes ranging from 15 km / h to 40 km / h.

In addition, while driving, you can adjust the speed from the handlebars with the brushless motor of 500 Watts for more autonomy.
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