The Best Electric scooter City Coco

The unusual appearance of the City Coco electric scooter, at first glance, attracts the attention of others. Chinese manufacturers took the Scrooser scooter, manufactured in Germany, as the basis of this vehicle. The result of their work was a model, surpassing the development of a German company in quality and durability.

First of all, the unusually wide tires attract the attention, thanks to which the scooter keeps perfectly upright, but turning this device will require more effort than for ordinary models. In order for the driver to accommodate comfortably, steering wheel adjustment is provided. The steering wheel can be tilted closer to the driver, or tilt it forward.

Initially, the device was not equipped with either headlights or turn signals, but the following modifications taught the LED headlight, direction indicators and brake light. A comfortable seat equipped with damper springs is installed far from the steering wheel, which allows you to easily take a passenger on a trip. By the way, modifications have already appeared with two seats installed.

CityCoco manufacturers supplied the vehicle with a powerful 60v / 12Ah lithium-ion battery, which allows them to travel up to 80 km without a charge. The maximum speed of the scooter is 35 / hour. The 800 W gearless motor mounted on the rear wheel hub runs very quietly, making the scooter ride virtually silent.

Of particular note are the hydraulic brakes mounted on both wheels. In terms of braking power, they can be compared with automobile ones. Although the display mounted on the steering wheel gives a minimum of information, and the tuning of speed characteristics can be performed only from a smartphone application, the City Coco scooter has many fans.

The only thing that confuses many potential owners of the vehicle is its heavy weight (55 kg). A garage is required for its storage.

Three-wheeled best electric scooter ITank
The electric scooter developed by Doohan has become a real find for people who, for various reasons, cannot use two-wheeled vehicles, and the car is too large for them. It was for them that a unique vehicle was developed - the ITank tricycle, equipped with three wheels.

The three-disc braking system provides the device with a short braking distance, making safe tricycle driving. Two wide front tires (80 mm) and rear (120 mm) provide reliable contact with the road surface. An independent front suspension even allows you to slide down the stairs without the risk of rolling over.

High-capacity lithium-ion battery was developed by leading manufacturers in this field - LG and Panaconic. The battery has 5 degrees of protection against damage. High protection against water and dust makes it possible to use the tricycle in any weather.

A full-fledged trip computer with an informative display is responsible for setting up the tricycle control. To configure, use the Doohan application installed on the smartphone. You can confidently talk about the ITank electric scooter as a transport of the future.

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