Powerful adult electric scooter: our selection!

From the all-terrain electric scooter to the electric scooter with saddle, to the approved electric scooter, there is something for every taste and every budget. In the adult electric scooter category, the powerful models are without a doubt the most efficient in terms of speed.

We present the models that have caught the most attention.

Our selection of powerful adult electric scooters

Dualtron 3 scooter

This is the upgraded version of another model (Dualtron 2) from the same manufacturer. So we understand why in some aspects the performance has been renewed. If the Dualtron 2 has seduced you, you will certainly appreciate this new version.

With the Dualtron 3, you get a total of 65 km / h of top speed on all types of circuits. With this look, fans of electric scooters will undoubtedly experience thrills. Its autonomy of 80 km is not to displease, especially when one is launched at full speed on the roads.

For an even more optimized driving, the model has been equipped with an LCD screen which controls among others the speed and automatic ignition of the machine. It also has a crutch, a robust platform and tubeless tires, etc.

Dualtron Thunder: a super-powerful adult scooter to discover!

The Dualtron Thunder is certainly one of the most powerful electric scooter models on the market today. The power of its engine (5,400 Watts) and its speed (85 km / h) are characteristics at least very interesting. With such references, one suspects that it is actually able to climb the slopes up to 35%.

In addition, this powerful adult electric scooter offers 100 km of autonomy and can support a maximum load of 120 kg. The platform is quite robust and the materials of quality. In full agglomeration or even periphery on rough ground, it lends itself to any use.

Equipped with Finger Print technology (optional), an LCD screen, tubeless tires, disc brakes front / rear, it is sufficiently trimmed to provide you with thrills.

Dualtron Ultra scooter

This model has a top speed estimated at 80 km / h. We are in the presence of a powerful adult electric scooter deserves to be interested a little closer.

The Dualtron Ultra is considered the most powerful model available for sale by the brand. This new version of the Dualtron electric scooter invites you to experience a whole new way of riding with a range of 120 km.

All in all, you get optimized driving with: two Brushless motors, an LCD screen, two controls to select the desired mode, a lithium-ion battery, magnetic disc brakes and front / rear LED lighting, 11 inch inflatable tires, etc.

Speedway mini 4 Pro

The Speedway mini 4 Pro is a powerful adult electric scooter model suitable for urban traffic. It provides great driving comfort because of its high quality manufacturing, and the efforts made by the builder level ergonomics.

Of all the other models available on the market, it is the most efficient with its 8-inch rubber wheels for better grip and integrated electric brake. In these conditions, you can ride safely, whatever your pace.

Regarding autonomy and speed, it's not less interesting. The Speedway mini 4 Pro electric scooter offers 40 km / h of top speed for a range of 40 km. It also offers three driving modes ranging from 15 km / h to 40 km / h.

In addition, while driving, you can adjust the speed from the handlebars with the brushless motor of 500 Watts for more autonomy.

The best mid-range compact cameras

In this second section, the presented devices offer enhanced image quality, and more manual setting options.

Panasonic Lumix TZ200: the best midrange

This model Lumix is ​​a little less compact than the previous (it still incorporates a 15x zoom): more difficult to slip into a pocket, it will easily fit in your bag without you seem cumbersome.

With a grip on the front and thumb, its grip is very comfortable. Its screen is unfortunately not orientable but tactile and the proposed interface is one that has been developed for hybrids in the range, and is very intuitive, working with the various buttons and knobs.

This model also has an EVF, which allows a more "organic" use of the device and can be used to save battery (up to 300 shots).

One of the great things about this best vlogging camera is its purpose. It is possible to increase sensitivity up to ISO 1600 while maintaining a very correct detail rendering, with bright colors and a very satisfactory sharpness. But beyond that, the grain starts to be slightly apparent, although it still remains good at 3200 ISO.

It's also his 15x zoom that makes his success. The image retains exceptional quality even at maximum. By cons, it has a certain default: its opening lack of brightness and it is difficult to obtain a very vague background. Nevertheless, its minimum focal length of 24 mm is a good asset for wide angle sockets.

Finally, it allows, like the Olympus Tough TG-5, to record 4K UHD videos with a quality that deserves to be highlighted. Unfortunately, he misses a microphone jack.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on the agenda, and the Panasonic Image App mobile app is useful. By cons, it does not have the NFC, it's a pity for the speed of connection.

In the end, it is a model whose power of zoom associated with the smallness of the case is an attractive feature. The quality of the metal construction and the right setting options also make it a competitive and enjoyable model to use, and its viewfinder will seduce more than one.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II: the mid-range alternative

This model, although fairly recent, has already suffered a price drop that allows us to address it in this section "mid-range", but it is a compact expert.

Design side, we find the quality of finishes, the pleasant grip and ergonomics that have made the reputation of the range: it is easy to handle, its touch screen is responsive and intuitive, and all settings can be done only one hand, everything within reach of the right hand.

One of his interests is that it makes available quickly all the most basic settings that can be done using the two knobs. This avoids getting lost too far in the menu.

With its 17 Mpx sensor and 24-75 mm lens, the LX100 II offers a very good image quality. The focus is very fast and the camera is responsive, except in low light. On the other hand, its ignition takes almost two seconds, which is a little slow.

Its sensitivity range is 100 to 12,800 ISO. Until 1600, noise management is impeccable. It is only from 3200 ISO that a degradation of the image becomes perceptible, but it remains usable up to 6400 ISO, depending on the context.

Its Dual Stabilization Stabilizer is very powerful, combining the stabilization of the lens and the sensor. This ensures good blur management, even if your arm is not quite stable.

It is also a good asset for video, where it can record in UHD at 30 fps. Unfortunately, there is no option at this level, so you will soon be limited if you like to shoot a lot.

Its connectivity is a little disappointing for a device that is expert: if it has an HDMI, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is sorely lacking an NFC chip and headphone and microphone.

In the end, here is an excellent compact camera, which offers a truly stunning image quality. Nevertheless, a few minor flaws mean that it can not yet take the first place in this ranking despite its lower price: connectivity a little limited, lack of a more complete video mode. We expect a little more than a compact expert.
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The Best Electric scooter City Coco

The unusual appearance of the City Coco electric scooter, at first glance, attracts the attention of others. Chinese manufacturers took the Scrooser scooter, manufactured in Germany, as the basis of this vehicle. The result of their work was a model, surpassing the development of a German company in quality and durability.

First of all, the unusually wide tires attract the attention, thanks to which the scooter keeps perfectly upright, but turning this device will require more effort than for ordinary models. In order for the driver to accommodate comfortably, steering wheel adjustment is provided. The steering wheel can be tilted closer to the driver, or tilt it forward.

Initially, the device was not equipped with either headlights or turn signals, but the following modifications taught the LED headlight, direction indicators and brake light. A comfortable seat equipped with damper springs is installed far from the steering wheel, which allows you to easily take a passenger on a trip. By the way, modifications have already appeared with two seats installed.

CityCoco manufacturers supplied the vehicle with a powerful 60v / 12Ah lithium-ion battery, which allows them to travel up to 80 km without a charge. The maximum speed of the scooter is 35 / hour. The 800 W gearless motor mounted on the rear wheel hub runs very quietly, making the scooter ride virtually silent.

Of particular note are the hydraulic brakes mounted on both wheels. In terms of braking power, they can be compared with automobile ones. Although the display mounted on the steering wheel gives a minimum of information, and the tuning of speed characteristics can be performed only from a smartphone application, the City Coco scooter has many fans.

The only thing that confuses many potential owners of the vehicle is its heavy weight (55 kg). A garage is required for its storage.

Three-wheeled best electric scooter ITank
The electric scooter developed by Doohan has become a real find for people who, for various reasons, cannot use two-wheeled vehicles, and the car is too large for them. It was for them that a unique vehicle was developed - the ITank tricycle, equipped with three wheels.

The three-disc braking system provides the device with a short braking distance, making safe tricycle driving. Two wide front tires (80 mm) and rear (120 mm) provide reliable contact with the road surface. An independent front suspension even allows you to slide down the stairs without the risk of rolling over.

High-capacity lithium-ion battery was developed by leading manufacturers in this field - LG and Panaconic. The battery has 5 degrees of protection against damage. High protection against water and dust makes it possible to use the tricycle in any weather.

A full-fledged trip computer with an informative display is responsible for setting up the tricycle control. To configure, use the Doohan application installed on the smartphone. You can confidently talk about the ITank electric scooter as a transport of the future.

Fashionable and recommended L-shaped desk popularity ranking!

Many people think of a simple rectangle as a desk. The method of placing the desk in the center of the room is the standard, but it tends to be a similar room layout. For those who want to enhance the interior, an L-shaped desk with abundant designs is recommended. This time we will introduce the L-shaped desk that can be used as an interior while having the features, types and practicality of the L-shaped desk. As of September 2019 , we have carefully selected and introduced the latest recommended L-shaped desks. If you are considering replacing a desk or looking for a more practical desk, please refer to it.
Work space can be used widely
As its name suggests, the L-shaped desk is L-shaped. Therefore, the feature is that it is easier to secure a working space than a normal desk. Those who are vacant with a PC on one side can use it for practical purposes, such as using it for document work, or installing books that they usually use.

A type that can be used freely
Some L-shaped desks are designed not only to provide a large amount of desk space, but also to allow free use of the space at your feet. Specifically, it is a type that does not have a column in the central corner of the l shaped computer desk. In addition to being able to move smoothly while sitting on a chair, you can place the interior by placing a rack or PC body, which increases the freedom of layout. While enjoying the open space at your feet, try designing your own desk by putting things you use often.
Separation type that can be freely recombined
The type of desk is divided into vertical and horizontal. Since the desk is divided, the shape can be rearranged according to the environment at that time. It is a popular type because it can be used in a variety of ways, such as face-to-face when customers come, or change to a long table when you want to use more space.
It is easy to move by changing the pattern, and it can also be moved quickly when applying a vacuum. Depending on the interior of the room, it can also be used as a single desk, and it is attractive that one product can be used in multiple ways. I recommend the separable type for people who change their designs regularly.

Compact type that is easy to use even in small rooms
A compact size that retains the characteristics of an L-shaped desk. Even if it is difficult to secure a small room or a large space, it is an advantage that the limited space can be used efficiently without waste by installing it in the corner. Recommended for those who want to secure a working space in a compact space such as a study.
You can also use it in a way that keeps the space you use for work as compact as possible while ensuring more space for your daily life. Also, you can use a lot of furniture in the room and give it a width, so if you want to stick to the interior, we recommend it.

Plenty of storage type if you want to organize your desktop
This is a type with a movable shelf for organizing books and documents, and a free rack on the desk. There is also a type with shelves installed so that it can be stored in the space under the desk. Recommended for those who want to keep the table clean and secure storage space
Free racks and storage shelves are included as a set, but one feature is that the color and design are unified and the layout does not collapse. Another advantage is that you don't have to buy more storage space later. Recommended for people who want to keep work-related documents and equipment within easy reach.
Consider the width used for work
When you actually place the necessary equipment, you may have less space than you might have imagined. Mainly the width of the monitor stand and the vertical length of the keyboard are about 60 cm. If you want to work with A4 documents spread on the table, choose a desk with a depth of around 77 cm.
When working, the desk pole may hit your foot. If you have a chair with casters, it is important to choose a design that allows you to move freely across a large desk. The work efficiency will increase greatly. Also, if the space at your feet is wide, you can install a storage rack or PC.

Choose a design that matches your room layout
A wooden L-shaped desk that combines the natural texture of wood with various interiors. The more you use it, the more you can use it, and the more you can use it, the better the desk will be. In addition, it is a point that can continue to be used for many years in places with excellent load resistance. If you place a monitor, keyboard, and speakers, it will be about 29 km. General monitor desks have a load capacity of around 25 kg, but wooden L-shaped desks are also good for those with a load capacity of 40 kg, so it is suitable for those who put a lot of things on the desk The

Glass design that shines in the interior
It can be used stylishly as a room interior while maintaining a sense of quality. It can be easily cleaned by simply wiping off dirt, and it can always be used in a clean condition. However, unlike wooden desks, the surface may crack when subjected to a strong impact, so it is recommended for those who want to use the desk efficiently with only the minimum necessary items without placing heavy objects as much as possible.
Recommended brands and manufacturers for L-shaped desks
LOWYA has a good design and handles products imported directly from Europe. The brand is characterized by a baptized design until the designer is satisfied and a high-quality desk, so there are many interiors with a sense of luxury. Because there are many Scandinavian furniture, it is recommended for those who want to coordinate the layout of the room with Scandinavian design.
Abundant quality design
A brand that offers high-quality interior items at reasonable prices. We also have accessories, so if you want to unify your desk interior, we recommend it. In addition, the L-shaped desk uses a glass that is unusual for the top board, and it has a cool design combined with metal legs. If you want to focus on design, choose Fuji Trade's L-shaped desk